A petition that showed up as part of some Facebook links a few days ago has swelled to twice  three times as many signatures as the last time we checked it.

The website thepetitionsite.com doesn't say who started it, it's only listed as 'Washington,' but we first saw it shared by former Congressional Candidate Clint Didier. The petition appears to be linked to a group known as Bound To Patriotism on Facebook.

The petition had just over 1,000 signatures the last time we checked, but as of Tuesday, that number had grown to 2.705...check that-2805. The petition's goal says it's seeking 25,000 signatures or supporters.

As of this writing, we saw at least 40 people who signed the petition and left a comment as well over the span of less than 15 minutes.

It's not readily known what will happen if or when the petition reaches it's goal, but it's interesting to see this type of grass-roots action after his strong stance in defying the Federal government and immigration law.

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