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The bill will go back to the State Senate, to see if they approve of an amendment to the legislation.

Senate Bill 5160 would create what are called Dispute Resolution Centers. Gov. Inslee had spoken of these a few weeks ago. Essentially, they would guarantee low income renters would have some sort of representation concerning eviction notices with landlords.

Since the COVID Pandemic began, Gov. Inslee has been continually extending the eviction moratorium (delay) 3 months at a time; but now that the state is in Phase 3 and showing signs of climbing out of the hole, pressure has mounted from both side of the aisle to end them.

Mounting evidence shows a lot of landlords are selling or getting rid of their rental properties, because they cannot afford the second mortgage. With the eviction moratoriums, they couldn't get rid of non paying tenants due to COVID--and for many other reasons as well.

These delays handcuffed landlords; numerous GOP leaders warned the rental housing market in our state will grow even worse because property owners are selling them off.

The bill passed with bipartisan support and in fact, the Democratic controlled House passed the measure by more than 20 votes. This approval by the House and Senate will strip Governor Inslee of at least this Emergency Power; he won't be able to continue to extend the eviction moratorium.

However, it could get interesting as GOP House Rep. Michelle Caldier of Port Orchard was able to an amendment successfully attached to the bill that would END the moratorium on June 30th.

Many Democrats agree, but some are saying a flood of eviction notices will go out July 1st, too fast and too many for the Dispute Resolution Centers to handle.

The bill will now go back to the Senate for a vote to see if they agree with Caldier's changes.

Not exactly a prime rental, but interesting!


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