Some of Governor Inslee's "executive decree" as to what's considered essential and what is not has people scratching their heads, and thousands of workers not drawing paychecks. It's part of his Stay Home executive order.

Despite initially implying that construction work was part of essential services, now Inslee's office has halted virtually all building projects across the state.

Monday, the Building Industry Association of Washington sent an email to it's members, saying this in part:

“Under the Order ‘construction workers who support … construction sites and construction projects (including housing construction)’ are listed as an ‘essential service.  Based upon this language, homebuilders and remodelers may continue with operations while the stay-at-home order is in effect.”

However, in clarifying the order Wednesday, Inslee's office said only construction that benefits essential operations like health care, transportation, energy, and other public projects are exempt from the say home order. From the clarification:

“to further a public purpose related to a public entity,” 

Critics find it ironic that Inslee considers construction as non essential, but believes pot stores should remain open.  Apparently it's more important to get 'high' than continue to alleviate our state's housing shortage, and ensure thousands of building workers are still getting paychecks.

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