Gov. Jay Inslee signed an executive order Thursday morning that closely mirrors the views currently being pursued in sanctuary cities, including Seattle.

According to information released by the Governor's office, the order ensures that:

“This executive order makes clear that Washington will not be a willing participant in promoting or carrying out mean-spirited policies that break up families and compromise our national security and community safety.”

What is in the Executive Order?  Upon examination, it says no executive or small cabinet agency will deny any services, assistance, benefits based upon a person's immigration status, not will any state resources be used to specifically target or seek out persons for violating federal civil immigration laws. Now, it does contain the phrase, "except as required by Federal of state law or authorized by the governor." in each of the 9 paragraphs or categories in the order.

But the one that grabs attention is #9 concerning law enforcement:

The Washington State Patrol or Department of Corrections or other executive or small
cabinet agency with arrest powers, will act consistently with current federal law and shall not arrest solely for violation of federal civil immigration laws, except as otherwise required by federal or state law or authorized by the Governor. Specifically, no agency may enter into any agreements with the federal government authorizing such authority under the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. §1357)
   The Seattle Times says the order is designed to limit state agencies from assisting federal agencies in enforcing federal immigration law, and even mentions that in it's Thursday online headline. Inslee claims if there is a federal criminal arrest warrant the state will honor it, but then signs the executive order significantly limiting what help the state will provide the government in enforcing immigration laws.
   Critics say it's a thinly veiled attempt to join the nationwide Democratic movement to curtail efforts to enforce immigration law, and curb the amount of illegals flooding into the U.S.


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