Because the original ban expired in March, Governor Inslee has now signed a new travel ban for state workers when it comes to travel to North Carolina. The ban only covers state employees or other public government officials.

In reaction to legislation passed in North Carolina last year, H.B. (house bill) 2, which Inslee felt was discriminatory to LGBT persons, he instituted the travel ban. H.B. 2 was repealed, but H.B. 142, claims Inslee, pre-empts non-discriminatory mandates that were passed in favor of such policies as same sex gender neutral bathrooms.

While H.B. 2 was repealed and replaced by H.B. 142, which has widespread support in the state, some critics claim is still does what the old bill did.  H.B. 2 mandated that in public or government buildings, people had to use the bathroom which gender matches what is on their birth certificate. The new bill waters that down, but still provides some leeway for cities and counties to enact their own policies.

One of the main reasons the bills were modified is because the NCAA pulled events from the state, and had refused to accept bids from North Carolina for championship events over the bathroom 'ban.'  Now, the NCAA has reportedly accepted the new bill.

Gov. Inslee has been a champion of the controversial restroom and locker room policies, despite growing reports of criminal using them to gain access to women's facilities and commit crimes.


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