Tuesday, Gov. Jay Inslee plans to have a "virtual" climate change conversation.  Translation:  seeking to get college students to support his carbon tax ideas.

Inslee's office announced Tuesday from 3:30 til 4:15pm, there will be an online "round table" with students and student leaders from the WSU campuses in Vancouver, Pullman, and University of Washington in Seattle and Tacoma, as well as students from Western Washington University.

The digital online event will feature at least a dozen students from each school asking Inslee why young people are "engaged" on the climate issue, and will ask about his legislative proposals. These are the proposals you've heard so much about, that would raise gas prices at the pump anywhere from $.25 to $1.25 per-gallon.

Noticeably absent is participation from the EAST side of the state. Not surprising though, because that's where the majority of the opposition to Inslee's agenda originates from.

Some have suggested a round table on controlling or curbing tuition costs for students might be a more appropriate subject.


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