Apparently we live in a parallel universe?  Economic laws don't apply?  Gravity stops working?

The shutdown of the government,  made out to be this huge emergency, has resulted in ads for some 4,000 federal government jobs being left open.   While some of the jobs were posted prior to the lack of a budget,   some 4,000 positions are still taking applicants.

According  to the Washington Times:

"The vacancies include some high-priced positions: a media relations officer job paying up to $155,000 at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, the agency in charge of implementing Obamacare, and a senior communications and marketing specialist for the Patent and Trademark Office, making up to $136,000."

But when you consider numerous reports about the actual amount of government services suspended due to the shutdown, it becomes a little more believable.  According to a Fox News report two days ago,  only 17% of the entire Federal Government is not operating due to the budget events.

So that makes it perhaps more understandable that jobs are being advertised.  It doesn't mean the jobs are necessary or important.  But it does call into question, if only 17% of the government is "shut-down",  then why are so many of the suspended federal services seemingly aimed at annoying or hurting the taxpayers who fund them?  Hmmmm.

Maybe we'll apply for one of those fat-cat jobs the Washington Times listed in their report.  We could use a vacation!

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