Oregon Gov. Kate Brown and WA Gov. Jay Inslee have rarely made COVID related moves without seemingly copying each other.

The same could be said for California, but Gov. Newsome is prone to enact laws far more draconian.

Oregon this week expanded (starting Nov. 18) it's statewide scaleback, or shutdown, from just 9 counties to all.

Gov. Brown much like Inslee, blamed it on rising COVID cases. However, Oregon's is only two weeks. Indoor church services will only allow 25 persons, while ours are relatively unchanged. Both state are shutting in person dining, for bars and restaurants. Take out carry out only.

Oregon's stores are cut to 75% of capacity, while ours are back to 25.  Also, gyms in both states are closing. Most of the rest of their edicts are very similar.

As for holiday-special event gatherings, in Oregon they're saying two households with no more than six persons involved. Both the WA and OR edicts as far as in home events are considered largely unenforceable.

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