In a story that's not gotten much attention due to the government shutdown, the Air Force plans to send 21 brand-new transport planes to an Arizona boneyard.

There's an airbase in Arizona where planes are sent to die, so to speak. The Davis-Monthan Air Force Base near Tuscon is one of several aircraft "boneyards" where unused military equipment are sent to sit in the sun...and sit...and sit.

After appropriating nearly $1.6 billion to get 38 brand new C27J transport aircraft, the Defense Department has been told to scrap the project because of costs! These Italian-built aircraft resemble a C-130 Hercules, but are newer, faster, and can operate from smaller and rougher airfields. They are also, according to aircraft specifications, about $2,000 cheaper an hour to operate.

Despite 16 of the planes having already been delivered and five more on the way, they are scheduled to be sent to the hot, dry desert near Tuscon. The 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration group will try to keep them in flying shape, at least until another use can be found.

According to sources, when budgets were reduced (partly due to the sequester) officials decided the project wasn't a priority -- even though most of the planes were ready for service!