Through Veterans Day, November 11th, make sure you visit Townsquare Cares, and see how you can help our vets and their families!

Townsquare Cares is a non-profit utilizing the power of Townsquare Media and over 170 radio stations, including ours here in Tri-Cities, to help veterans and their families with financial and other donations.

Through November 11th, visit the website, and see how even the smallest donation can make a difference for vets and their families. Townsquare Cares coordinates with local veterans groups and charities, in identifying veterans, military personnel and families who are experiencing difficulties, and finding ways to support them and make their lives better. From the Townsquare Cares homepage:

"So whether it’s sponsoring a concert that’s free to service men and women and their families… providing encouraging messages from home on the battlefield… or offering a helping hand to military families struggling with economic hardship, Townsquare Cares."
 So make sure you visit Townsquare Cares, make a donation, and know that you're helping support veterans, military personnel and their families.  Our stations, 102.7KORD, 97Rock, HOT975, 98.3TheKey and Newstalk 870 are proud to be a  part of Townsquare Media, and Townsquare Cares.


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