Kennewick police apprehended a known gang member who had meth in his possession Wednesday morning.

kennewick police ({KNDU-TV)

Around 2:30am, the Kennewick Criminal Apprehension team were patrolling in the area of 8th and Date Streets when they saw a male spraying graffiti on a stop sign. A white car was parked nearby in the road. As police approached, the car sped off, leaving the suspect behind.

He was identified as 19-year-old Lorenzo A. Campos, a known gang member. During a search, he was found to have meth in his possession.  He's facing malicious mischief and possession of a controlled substance charges.

Campos reportedly 'could not' supply any names of the others in the white car, and police were not able to obtain a plate number on the vehicle.

The homeowner was grateful for the action, said police, as his fence has been tagged with gang graffiti a number of times in the past. The search for the suspect vehicle continues.