Man arrested for massive graffiti taggin --Getty Images
Man arrested for massive graffiti taggin --Getty Images

According to Hermiston Police Chief Travis Eynon, rarely does a graffiti bust make the front page, but in this case, yes.

  'Artist' arrested, facing felony charges

Chief Eynon reported Thursday afternoon, that a suspect is in custody over graffiti incidents that have not only plagued Hermiston, but surrounding communities.

Officials say over a number of weeks, massive taggings have shown up all over the region, and they were 'signed' or had the letters ABAR somewhere on the images.

After a lengthy investigation, Eynon says a search warrant was obtained for a home in Umatilla. During that time, significant evidence related to these crimes was located.

Thursday, 25-year-old Abraham M. Arellano of Umatilla was taken into custody.  The damage from his 'work' in the City of Hermiston alone is said to be in the thousands, and it meets the financial threshold for Felony Criminal Mischief charges.

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No word what the dollar amounts are from other communities, but the investigation continues, and authorities believe they will be able to link him to many, if not most of the massive tagging in surrounding areas.

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