Authorities say the accidental discharge of a gun that was being illegally purchased has led to the death of a 16-year-old teen.

Tuesday evening, police were called to the 200 block of Avenue E shortly before 7:30pm on reports of a gunshot.

Officers located a group of juveniles and adult males who were standing on the street corner, but they were "uncooperative" and wouldn't tell the officers anything.  Police discovered why they weren't talking when they picked up a trail of blood leading away from the scene.

They didn't find anyone, but a gunshot victim was admitted to Prosser Memorial Hospital and later transferred to Kadlec Regional Medical Center in Richland.  The unidentified 16-year old boy died at Kadlec.

The blood trail had led to a home near the scene where the officers were called.  With a search warrant, police searched that home and later arrested an adult male.  The gun apparently discharged during what they say was an illegal gun sale and the boy was struck.  His role in the incident is not yet known, police don't initially think it was gang related.

The investigation continues.

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