Grant County officials say their K-9, Grizzly, really put the bite on an assault suspect, literally. He is pictured here after chomping on a suspect numerous times. Kinda looking like Kujo!

Thursday, K-9 Grizzly located and subdued a suspect, who was wanted for an alleged assault with a hatchet!

Sheriff's say around 5:45pm they were called to a home in Lakeview, a small hamlet near Soap Lake.They took a report about a woman who was attacked with a hatchet, but fortunately did not sustain serious or life-threatening wounds. Then authorities learned the suspect, 28-year-old Yoban Nunez Diaz, was at another location.

Upon arrival there, people inside the home confirmed he was hiding there and they wanted him out. Diaz refused to leave, despite the occupants demanding it. So, K-9 Grizzly was sent in ahead of officers. Diaz was trying to hide under some blankets.

He still refused to surrender, so Grizzly "subdued" him.  Diaz was arrested after being treated at Good Samaritan Hospital for numerous dog bites. Chomp!

Judging from this picture, we wouldn't want to get on his bad side, either.

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