Grant County authorities are searching the eastern part of Upper Goose Lake Wednesday after an robbery suspect apparently drove off a 20-foot cliff into 80 feet of water.

The Hollywood-like incident began around 9:20 Tuesday morning, when a homeowner in on a rural road southeast of Royal City reported a break-in in progress. He didn't confront the suspect, but got pictures of the getaway vehicle and a description.  Royal City police pursued the suspect at a distance, but he turned off Highway 262 into a wildlife refuge and sped away.

Grant County Sheriff's, Royal City police and other units deployed around the refuge and began to search inward. Then around 10:30 a deputy noticed car parts and debris floating in along the eastern shore of Upper Goose Lake, near where a 20-foot cliff meets the water.

The debris and parts matched the photos and description of the getaway car. Search and dive teams are now combing through the 80-foot depths in search of the vehicle. Officials say based upon the debris pattern, there's little chance the driver was able to get out, and they fully expect to find a body.

The search continues.

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