You've seen all those 'exciting' looking side by side ATV ads on TV, they make you wanna go buy one, huh?

Well a Grant County suspect is facing a slew of charges after he allegedly used one in a manner you won't see on TV. Details were released Monday about what happened.

37-year-old Jarod Taylor is in the Grant County Jail after a wild Saturday night. Grant County Deputies got a call around 7:30PM about a stolen Yamaha ATV, and they and Moses Lake Police set out to find it.

They located the wayward vehicle on a rural road, but broke off pursuit to avoid a crash when the driver sped head on towards their patrol vehicle. After speeding off into some fields, the ATV was spotted again. A rural resident called 911 to report someone trespassing on their land, zipping around near their barn on the off road unit.

Two Deputies were able to 'pin' Taylor between two buildings, with no exit. He drove head on into one patrol car, causing minor damage, then backed up in reverse and hit the other Deputy's car.

He was quickly subdued by the officers, and had to be taken to Good Samaritan Hospital for some treatment from the crash. Here's a list of the charges he's facing, one of them likely explains why he did what he did:

- Two counts of second-degree assault
- Attempt to elude police vehicle
- First degree malicious mischief
- Possession of stolen motor vehicle
- Possession of Methamphetamine
- Second degree criminal trespass.

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