The emergency dispatch system in Grant County, WA, known as MACC or Multi-Agency Communications Center, has now launched a new AI feature that can be used to handle non-emergency calls.

 New system will speed up response times.

The new AI-aided system went into effect Memorial Weekend, and according to Source One and the Quincy Valley Register, will use AI to help sort through calls and speed up responses.

It will give operators GPS, live text-to-chat, and real-time language translation capabilities. It will also utilize interactive AI 'conversations' to help steer non-emergency callers to the proper sources. According to the Register (by way of information from the system manufacturer):

 "The technology gives staff greater ability to pinpoint where people are calling from, assess emergencies and discern between callers requiring assistance and bystanders. The AI-powered technology helps staff reduce call-wait times and improve situational awareness and field responder safety."

As opposed to being a chatbot system, the AI system will allow a more conversational exchange with the caller, and allow them to edit or change information they are providing.

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Citizens are, of course, still urged to call 911 in case of emergencies, but this system, say officials, will allow for faster and more accurate processing of 911 calls. It will help sort out non-emergency vs. emergency calls.

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