It's been nearly six months since I've been able to argue with the weights at Planet Fitness, and although nobody likes getting up uber early (4:45AM) it was nice to be back.  (it beats flipping tires at KaHS or trying to use our home weights outside when it's 97 degrees).

Many gyms and fitness clubs are re-opening in Tri-Cities, and our area. So many media and social media reports are trying to "list" all the requirements spit out by the State.   Not here to debate those, that's for another discussion.

But the easiest way to navigate this, call or visit your gym or fitness club. Ask them what's required for entry, and use. They will be glad to help, and it will be a lot more simple.

The problem with many media reports is, depending upon the size and structure of the fitness facility, many have different occupancy allowances etc. So what you hear may not apply to all facilities. You hear square footage, people per foot data etc. being thrown around, and it's enough to make you just say 'forget it.'

What many area media are reporting, may not apply to all gyms or clubs.  They're all different, based upon size, equipment, facilities etc.

Doesn't have to be that confusing.

For example, our family uses PF in Kennewick. Due to their size, they're allowed 75 people at any given time. I called them, they told me masks are 'required' when you walk in, but not on the actual workout floor or while doing cardio (Bike, stair machine etc).  If you walk all the way across the facility, they ask you to pop up the mask, then back down or off when working out.  And of course, don't sit on anyone's lap, so to speak, while doing your thing.

Most of the time, in regular times, when you workout, you give people space anyway, right?

And of course, wipe down your stuff when your done...the bench, bar, handles on machine. It's quick, and that's been normal gym protocol for years. Some schlubs don't do that, but they quickly get "reminded"  even by powerlifters. Nobody likes sitting in YOUR sweat.

Some gyms, not just PF, even have new apps they've created to help you see how 'crowded' the gym is. These 'crowd meters' allow you to not waste a trip, only to find out when you get there that it's 'full' for the time being.  They're based upon the digital check ins and outs, people coming and going.

The confusion you hear is easily cleared up by just talking to the appropriate people at your club or gym.  They're glad they're open, they want you back, and you are probably glad to be able to get back to normal.

Now, get after it!


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