With the words "Tango Down", (CIA lexicon for when an opponent has been disabled or eliminated) the hacker group Anonymous announced they had taken down the CIA's official website!

While CIA officials refused to elaborate Friday, the did acknowledge that the CIA site was inaccesible, and they were working to restore it.  Anonymous also briefly knocked out the FBI and US Justice department last month.   According to the group, it was in retaliation for the US Government shutting down the filesharing site Megaupload in the US.   While critics to not condone cyber-attacks, Anonymous seems to have targeted their activities towards the US government, or other groups who attempt to restrict or control the internet.  Anonymous has promised more activity if the US Government tried to resurrect the SOAP legislation that would allow the Feds extensive control of the internet, and significant access to private citizens internet activities.

  None of Anonymous' attacks have ever been directed at private companies, or been to access private citizens data for the purposes of fraud.