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It's almost time for trick-or-treating for Halloween. NOTE--these locations are of registered offenders who are in the community having completed all court and law enforcement mandated requirements.

  Where are registered offenders in your community?

It never hurts to be safe these days, and many parents prefer to take their children to areas they know are safe. We are sharing this information not just for Halloween, but for public knowledge in general.

The Washington Association of Police and Sheriffs (WAPS) maintains an updated registry of all sex offenders who are in communities. They must notify law enforcement of their residence, and if they move, they have to re-notify.

These offenders are released following the completion of all court-mandated requirements, completion of sentence etc.  Some of them are lower-level offenders, which are Level 1, not considered likely to reoffend.

Level 2 is considered a possible risk, while Level 3 is considered most likely to reoffend.

  The WAPS database allows you to search your specific street or neighborhood, and also allows you to see maps where registered offenders are located. The Citydata is based on law enforcement data.

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Law enforcement reminds people these lists are NOT intended to draw attention or harassment towards these people, but to allow the public to exercise caution, especially with children. Halloween is a time when parents do need to make sure their kids are supervised when they are trick or treating.

To find Citydata offender data for Pasco, click here.  To find the data for Richland, click here. For Kennewick, click here.

For other community information, Citydata also offers information that can be easily located by clicking here. 

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