Many Washington State University fans live in Yakima and Tri-Cities, and are upset at the firing of coach Nick Rolovich. But Washington State University football coach Nick Rolovich is fighting back.

Rolovich has hired an attorney that wants answers in court

He's hired an attorney after being fired for not getting the COVID-19 vaccination. His attorney says his firing is an "attack on his Catholic faith." Attorney Brian Fahling says Rolovich wants answers after filing for and being denied a religious exemption. Rolovich was fired along with four of his assistants for not following the rules. They refused to get the COVID-19 vaccination as per the governor's mandate. The deadline was Monday to get the shot and if not the result was termination.

 But you recall Jason Rantz of AM 770 KTTH obtained leaked Inslee staff emails showing the Attorney General's office 'advised' them to make the exemptions process as "narrow as possible," meaning difficult.

The governor mandate covers thousands of state employees many already fired

Governor Jay Inslee announced the mandate in August which also covers thousands of other state employees. In fact the mandate is aimed at public and private school teachers and staff. The mandate also covers long-term care employees, and teachers and staff at the state’s schools, as well as the state’s colleges and universities.
All total 1,800 workers in the state are looking for a job after being fired on Monday. Some also resigned or retired. 2,887 other cases are currently pending.

The head coaching job now belongs to the defensive coordinator

Many people like Rolovich have applied for and been denied a religious exemption.
Rolovich has already been replaced. Jake Dickert, the Cougars' defensive coordinator is now the acting head coach. No court date has been set for any of the legal arguments.

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