Skiers and snowmobilers rejoice! The snow is-a-comin'.

My cousins in Montana have already posted video and pics of some pretty good snowfall that direction. And I hear that if you're headed to Montana any time soon, Lookout Pass might be challenging. But as far we're concerned, the Tri-Cities may or may not see a few snow flakes from Friday into Saturday. It will be cold enough early to actually be snow if the precipitation hangs over us, but it won't last as Friday's high is 49 and Saturday will top out at 45. The heavy stuff will be reserved for the mountains for now. Once you get past Ellensburg on I-90 westbound, expect snow. The same for I-82 in Wallowa and I-84 headed over the Blues. Hwy 12 on the other side of Yakima may have snow issues as well.

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