The Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma has a brand new litter of endangered Red Wolves and they need your help to name them....

A post by the Zoo says:

Help us name the eight endangered red wolf pups! 🐺
Red Wolf Woods zookeepers put on their thinking caps, did some geographic sleuthing and came up with two slates of names for the five girls and three boys born to mom Charlotte and dad Hyde.

"The pups’ dad, Hyde, was named for Hyde County following his birth in 2012."

Here are the names to choose from:

  • Buxton, Bogs, Macley, Widgen, Carmur, Slade, Ponser and Mackay.
  • Hawthorn, Chester, Cypress, Magnolia, Camellia, Myrtle, Peat and Willow

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