An Idaho sheep farmer is trying to figure out what to do next after wolves tore through a large herd near Idaho Falls.

According to Idaho Wildlife Services Director Todd Grimm, the damage inflicted was by only two wolves! The ranchers at Siddoway Sheep Company near Victor in southern Idaho heard a commotion early Saturday morning, but didn't realize the destruction until daybreak.

The two wolves attacked a herd of about 2,400 sheep, and by the time they left, 176 were dead. Most of them died from asphyxiation, 10 died from bite wounds, and one was partially eaten. Previously, the largest single sheep kill was 105 nine years ago.

Wildlife officials say about a dozen wolves have been removed from the Victor and Pine Creek area so far this year, as they were preying on numerous ranches in the area.

Officials have not said if they will try to track these two wolves for possible relocation.  Farmers and others are discouraged from shooting the animals unless a human is threatened.

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