Wednesday, Greater Idaho Movement GIM) officials confirmed Wallowa County voting results are valid, per county officials.

13th County in Oregon approves the idea of joining Idaho

What began about two years ago has continued to slowly chug along. The Greater Idaho Movement is a proposal to have as many as 15 Eastern and Southern Oregon counties join the Gem State.

Movement leaders say despite some surprising opposition from outside groups concerning the recent vote in Wallowa County, the auditor has verified no recount is needed because the margin of passage was not small enough.

For the first time since the movement began, outside interest groups poured money into online and mail advertising against the idea of having these counties leave. Most of the money comes from western Oregon special interests. Some of them are now being investigated for alleged violations of campaign finance disclosure laws.

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The measure will now also be on the next ballot coming in Crook County.

GIM officials also said this week that these counties leaving Oregon would benefit the west side and Portland metro area. According to their website:

 “Portland metro incomes are so high that any middle-income county that departs the Oregon state budget increases the average income of both Oregon and Idaho.”

The movement began with citizens and a number of local leaders who became increasingly frustrated with what they say are irresponsible social, fiscal, and crime policies coming out of the larger metro areas, as well as a lack of representation for Eastern and Southern Oregon's values and opinions.

The measure, which has been heard in the Oregon legislature, would have to be approved there, followed by Congressional approval.

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