The Greater Idaho movement in Oregon keeps inching along.

Greater Idaho bill read in Oregon state senate

According to information released by the Greater Idaho movement, a bill proposing Oregon begin discussions with Idaho about allowing 15 counties to join the Gem State has been read in the Oregon Senate this week.

The Greater Idaho movement began a few years ago, its organizers are seeking to allow upwards of 15 Eastern and Southern Oregon counties to join the state of Idaho.

From the Greater Idaho website:

"Oregon state senator Dennis Linthicum is the lead sponsor, and the initial cosponsors are Senator Brian Boquist and Rep. Werner Reschke. Freshman Representative Emily McIntire, sworn in yesterday, has indicated to leaders of the Greater Idaho movement that she will sign on as a cosponsor when House rules allow."

Of the 15 counties that Greater Idaho considers to be conservative and rural, 11 have already passed measures allowing the move.

Greater Idaho leaders are pushing the Oregon Senate President to hold hearings on the proposal. According to a 2022 SurveyUSA Poll, 68% of northwestern Oregon residents think the state should hold hearings on the idea.

Greater Idaho officials also cite new developments concerning Oregon's gun laws that negatively affect rural counties, and they say another poll shows only 3% of those northwestern Oregon residents think the state's rural Eastern counties should be included in the state's budget.

 The Greater Idaho Movement dates back, in various forms, a number of years. But this specific movement is the only one to achieve significant traction and attention, and progress.

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There have been similar movements started in WA state, to split us at the Cascades and form a 51st. state, often referred to as Liberty, but they have not gotten far. A few years ago some GOP House Reps proposed such a measure but the legislation did not get off the ground.

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