The  Idaho legislature has unanimously awarded a title to a bill that would begin talks with Oregon about allowing numerous counties to join the state.

   Idaho hears Greater Idaho Bill

HJM1 is the name of the bill given  by the Idaho House of Representatives State of Affairs Committee on Wednesday, February 1st.

According to the Great Idaho Movement website:

"Rep. Judy Boyle and Rep. Barbara Ehardt are the bill’s lead sponsors, and three cosponsors signed on to the bill immediately after it was printed. Rep. Boyle, whose district shares a border with Oregon, gave the committee several reasons to support the bill.  She explained that her county has been overwhelmed by drugs since Oregon changed its laws on marijuana and decriminalized hard drugs. She said moving the state line would move the problem farther away."

 The Greater Idaho movement is a push by legislators, citizens and local leaders to allow up to 14 Oregon counties to join Idaho. The  movement is in response to years of frustration over lack of representation, financial issues, and other dissatisfaction with policies dominated by the Portland area and the west side of the state.

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This bill mirrors  a similar bill that was introduced and read in the Oregon legislature  recently.  In order for  these  counties to join Idaho, they would need approval from both state legislatures, then approval of Congress.

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