An airline trade association that represents a variety of airlines and carriers is suing Washington state over it's new paid sick leave law, saying many of these workers and the companies are based out of state. Therefore, the law does not apply to them.

The group includes Alaska, Southwest, UPS, and others. The group says it should not apply to pilots and flight crews, who already get such compensation from their employers. In fact, several of the flight crew organizations admit their compensation is better than the new law that went into effect January 1st.

The law requires employers to offer paid sick leave to any and all employees at all businesses, regardless of what type they are. Most companies offer paid sick time to workers, but it's largely been professional career jobs. The law has especially hit food service and retail businesses hard. Most of them did not offer such coverage for entry level jobs. Many smaller Mid-Columbia businesses have raised prices due to the additional compensation requirements.

The Seattle Times says the airlines believe that because the pilots and flight crews are not 'based' out of or live in Washington state, therefore the law should not apply. They only come and go as part of their business. They say the law violates the 39-year-old Federal Airline Deregulation Act.

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