Gov. Jay Inslee signed a bill package Tuesday that was overseen and approved by the Legislature to help mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 situation.

There are five parts to the bills. According to (the news outlet used by the Governor and other state officials) The bill addresses State Response, Health Care Provider Credentialing (speeding up licensing for health care workers) and two measures to allow school and/or state employees to continue to receive medical and some other coverages in spite of school closures.

It also allows certain state workers to utilize leave if needed (if forced to stop working) so they won't go unpaid. Due to these unusual conditions, some workers would not have been able to utilize time off--complicated contractual situations.

According to Medium, here's an overview of what's in the bills:

"This bill will provide $200 million to state agencies, local government and tribal governments who are responding to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The new law moves $175 million from the Budget Stabilization Account to the Disaster Response Account for COVID-19 mitigation. It also authorizes the state to distribute $25 million of federal funds to local governments and federally-recognized tribes.

Additionally, the bill permits using $25 million from the Budget Stabilization Account to assist businesses with unemployment impacts."

   No word yet on how that $25 million will be dispersed, where it will specifically go, or given to businesses/employees.

 Also, the Washington State Department of Licensing has temporarily suspended the vision test required to obtain a license. Officials with DOL say they don't have enough sanitation products to adequately wipe and clean the eye pieces used for the tests. This will remain in effect TFN. 

 For additional information these five COVID 'relief' bills, click on the button below.

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