It's time for another round of emphasis patrols in the Mid-Columbia.

Julie Furlong of the Washington State Traffic Safety Commission told us starting May 23rd through June 5th, all area law enforcement agencies, from the State Patrol, Richland, Pasco, Kennewick, West Richland as well as county Sheriff's, will be paying close attention to those who aren't buckled. Prosser and other authorities are participating as well.

Furlong said this latest round of patrols will also salute an Asotin High School student, who decided to do something about her classmates who were not buckling up.

Stanzi Hay, an Asotin senior, started a three week emphasis campaign with her fellow students as a class project. Her campaign was called "Buckle UP! Your Family is Waiting For You."

Using a variety of methods, including posters, discussions, and social media, she successfully got her classmates to agree to click the belt, and a later poll showed seat belt usage at Asotin High climbed to 96%.

This latest emphasis patrol is part of Target Zero, which is the Traffic Safety Commission's goal to reduce road fatalities in our state to -0- by the year 2030.



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