A Hermiston woman, missing since April 27th, has been rescued by the Oregon State Patrol SWAT Team and other officers.

26 year old Melody Kay Mickel vanished from Hermiston April 27th and authorities suspected her ex-boyfriend, 28 year old Alberto Quiroz Martinez, had a hand in it.  Officials continued the search until they got a tip May 1 that a vehicle associated with the missing person's search was seen at a cabin in a remote area near Crescent Lake.

   The tip led to a standoff Tuesday at the cabin, that was finally resolved around 5pm.  After negotiations with OSP officers, Martinez later tried to leave the cabin using Mickel as a human shield.  He was shot by a member of the SWAT team, and Mickel was quickly whisked away by law enforcement.  Martinez' gunshot was not life threatening. 

 Preliminary reports indicate Mickel had been held against her will at the cabin since shortly after her abduction.  No other specific details about the incident were released at the time of this report.