If you're traveling fast enough, and cause injuries, you could even commit hit-and-run on a tricycle, much less a bike or car. In this case, a bicycle.

Pasco police area trying to locate this guy, who allegedly knocked over a pedestrian outside of Grigg's Department Store in Pasco on March 25th.

According to police and witnesses, the man was in some sort of hurry to get going, and plowed over the man seen lying on the ground. Police say the victim did sustain some injuries.

The rider did not stick around to help, or wait for emergency crews, he pedaled away. Besides his description from the picture, the victim said he spoke English but with a very thick Hispanic accident.

Anyone with any information is asked to report it  at (509)-545-3510. You may remain anonymous if you wish. No word on the latest condition of the victim.

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