In a move that sparked intense commentary from both sides of the issue, the Discovery Channel announced they are not seeking a third season for the hit series "American Guns." The show, which saw its ratings grow by over 50 percent in its first two runs, featured the gun-making Wyatt family.

The network was flooded with tweets and emails, especially from overseas, from anti-gun groups that felt it was insensitive to continue to air the show.  Fox News reported the following response from a pro-gun group:

A rep for the guns rights group The Firearm Coalition responded, telling us: 'It does not surprise me that Discovery may be lowering the profile of its gun coverage. That's their prerogative. Nonetheless this tragedy has as much to do about lawful use of guns as the lawful use of cars has to do with a car bombing.'

Also coming under scrutiny is the planned release of the latest Quintin Tarantino film "Django Unchained" on Christmas Day. The movie, which is slated for widespread release, is so graphic and violent it allegedly caused several early-going critics to leave before it was over. Tarantino reportedly said he is tired of defending his ultra-violent movies (such as "Kill Bill") and says it's not his movies that cause disturbed individuals to commit horrible crimes.

Critics wonder if the same people who successfully pressured Discovery into not pursuing a third season of "American Guns" will also press to have "Django Unchained" held out of theaters. A Discovery spokesperson claims the recent shootings in Connecticut had nothing to do with "American Guns" not getting a third season.

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