The Stockton Thunder have taken fan involvement to a whole new level!

January 3rd, the team took to the ice against the San Francisco Bulls in an ECHL League game, and the ice was covered with scribbles, paint, and doodles.   Seems the Thunder invited children to help paint the ice of their arena as a fan-building event and boy did it work!

Some 900 children and fans painted, drew and otherwise decorated the ice, which was then sealed so prevent smearing, and it became the first-ever professional hockey league event played over fan artwork!

They even had a hashtag to prove it: #PaintedClassic.     The actual painting was done after a December 29th game,  of the 5,000 fans in attendance, some 900 came down and mingled with the players and painted the ice. (Video courtesy of YouTube and the Stockton Thunder).

Wonder if the WHL would allow the Americans to do this?  Very cool idea!

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