Moles are known for digging in peoples' yards and plowing through dirt. But in Everett, apparently a human 'mole' dug under a busy roadway.

   Digging causes sizeable sinkhole in SR 529

Yesterday DOT crews were busy fixing and filling a tunnel-like hole that caused a sizeable sink in State Route 529 near Marine View Drive.

  WSDOT (Washington State Department of Transportation) workers were alerted to the 1 by 1 foot hole that appeared to be sinking. However, shortly after 7 AM when crews examined underneath, they found a much larger area had been dug out, about four feet long and 3 feet deep.  Had it been hit by a vehicle, the results could have been disastrous.

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It did appear someone had been living in it, but for how long, they're not sure.

After an 8-hour detour, crews were able to fill, patch, and pave the area so it could handle traffic.  The Washington State Patrol is investigating, but no information has been released yet.

KING-5 TV reports three years ago, a similar situation was discovered along I-5 near Everett, after a 7-hour search,  WSDOT crews were able to determine a tunnel dug alongside the Interstate was at least 45 feet long. Personal effects found inside indicated a person or persons had been living in it. However, because it was dug alongside the road the driving surface was not impacted.

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