One thing is for sure, Zika virus is now in Washington state and is currently transmitted sexually, but as soon as the mosquitos come out it could spread throughout the state. What's not clear is if pregnant women are at risk. In Brazil it's a different story. As the frenzy to finish the 2016 Summer Olympic venues continues, it's clear the South American nation does NOT have a handle on the Zika virus and the birth defects it is causing. How can they, in good conscience, invite healthy young women to travel there for three weeks? That's what Hope Solo wants to know.

In an interview last month she was asked if she's excited to attend another Olympics. Now that she's married and has enough accolades for a lifetime, she may decide to opt out. Why? She's the best goalie in the world still... but it's also time to start thinking about a family.

Hope Solo was outspoken in her criticism of Brazil. Hundreds of female athletes just like herself are wondering when it's time to hang up the cleats and begin the challenge of motherhood. Why would they want to complicate that by adding a Zika virus infection?

If Brazil could not keep the disease under control AND host the Olympics, 1) why did they agree to host and 2) why did they choose the Olympics over the health of human beings?

Leave it to Hope Solo to speak her mind no matter the consequences! Good luck with your decision Hope.

Ronald Martinez , Getty Images
Ronald Martinez , Getty Images

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