Although there are still a ton of unanswered questions involving the death of a woman on Memorial Day, one conclusion made by the Benton County coroner makes a person shudder.

In a discovery right out of CSI or Criminal Minds, Coroner John Hansens says the woman was still alive when she was run over by a mower in a field near Clodfelter and Locust Grove roads around 9am. The mower being used was an industrial riding model, likely similar to the one pictured in our story. Large capacity powerful cutting tools to cover large fields.

The man doing the mowing called 911 to report the incident, as his industrial field mower ran over what seemed to be a large bump or perhaps even a log. The driver thought the woman was dead before he hit her.

It apparently was very hard to see due to the tall grass and high weeds in the area. Her identity has not yet been released, pending notification of relatives. Officials do say she was a long time resident of the area, who was known to take long walks in that vicinity.

Why she was lying in the grass and how she got there are still unanswered, and it's also not known if she were still alive, why did not hear or see the mower approaching. The investigation continues.

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