One of at least two Richland dumpster fires due to hot coals (City of Richland)

Judging from the picture, the coals can do some serious flaming.

City of Richland officials say in the last couple of days, fire crews have had to empty and extinguish at least two significant dumpster fires, which were caused by people disposing of BBQ coals that were not fully out.

Officials say the coals can smolder for more than a day, and in these cases, they set fire to the rest of the garbage. Not only did crews have to empty the entire dumpster in a parking lot, they have to extinguish the fire, then reload the garbage so it can be taken to the landfill.

Officials say either soak the coals in water or spray them to the point where they are cold all the way through before dumping in the trash. We don't need BBQ diapers, paper, and other household garbage.