Kennewick's newest food truck opens Friday but it'll be familiar to some as one of our food favorites in the Tri-Cities is going from a brick and mortar location to mobile. 

A lot of folks have been waiting for this opening and now it's finally here.

Who's Got The Best Burger In Kennewick?

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Hot Mess Burgers and Fries is opening up their food truck this Friday.

If you've been a fan of their burgers and fries, they'll now be available at the new food truck instead of the Red Mountain Kitchen.

Hot Mess Burgers and Fries had been operating out of the Red Mountain Kitchen in downtown Kennewick but now you'll have another location to go to and grab some grub.

Where Is Hot Mess Burgers And Fries Located In Kennewick?

The owners of Hot Mess Burgers and Fries purchased a food truck from Bayou Some Cajun in order to own their own kitchen.

The good news is that if you are a fan of Hot Mess Burgers and Fries, they aren't moving very far from their current location.

Hot Mess Burgers and Fries will be located at the Flag Plaza parking lot, right next to Red Mountain Kitchen in downtown Kennewick.

I've always wanted to try their burgers especially their smash burger and with the new opening, I'm excited to finally get a chance. The hamburger is my favorite food of all the time and I can't wait to sample the new offerings at the food truck.

What Are Hot Mess Burgers And Fries Hours?

Hot Mess Burgers and Fries announced on their Facebook page their new hours and will open tomorrow at 11 AM. Hot Mess going forward will be open Wednesday through Saturday from 11 AM until 7 PM.

You can read more about their opening here and check out their Facebook page here.

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