House Rep Jim Walsh (WA state House Republicans)
House Rep Jim Walsh (WA state House Republicans)

One of the more fiery members of the GOP in the State House has been chosen as the new chairman of the WA State Republican Party.

19th District Rep Jim Walsh will take over

By a vote of 95-15, Walsh was selected as the state's new GOP Chairman, replacing Caleb Heimlich, who announced earlier this year he was stepping down.

Walsh was elected to the House in 2016 and has been re-elected 3 times since. His district covers parts of Cowlitz, Grays Harbor, Lewis, Pacific, Thurston and Wahkiakum Counties.

According to a statement from WSRP Executive Director Brady Batt:

"Jim Walsh is an exceptional representative and community leader who has a proven track record of winning tough battles, including flipping Legislative District 19 from a Democrat stronghold since the days of FDR into a Republican stronghold built on a variety of voting coalitions."

The vote happened during the WSRP meeting Saturday in Olympia. Part of Walsh's remarks included this:

(he wants)  “to launch a more pro-active and issues-focused media campaign to reboot the WSRP’s brand and persuade voters … to support Republican candidates because of policies rather than personalities.”

Walsh is perhaps the most fiery and one of the most active GOP House members, he has, on numerous occasions, noticeably challenged Gov. Inslee, Democrat House members, and even AG Bob Ferguson on numerous policy issues.

His victory in 2016 was considered an upset, the 19th District (Grays Habor, Aberdeen) had not had a Republican House Rep in decades.

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