We watched an informative piece about the August 4 primary in WA state, put out by We The Governed.  They're a group that examines politics, races and issues from a Constitutional conservative view.

This week, they released another video, breaking down the 'inside' information of the WA primary, including how Loren Culp 'broke all the rules' normally associated with running a large campaign--and ended up winning.  The video examines what he did right, which included:

  • He started early, months before the other GOP candidates. Helps build name recognition
  • Didn't use Washington Republican consultants. Honestly, they've not done a good job with other governor's candidates--that's obvious the last 16 years.
  • Grassroots ground game--rallies and signs.  It seems everywhere, you saw Culp signs.
  • Strong online following. Many successful candidates are turning to this.
  • Small dollar donors, instead of huge chunks of party or PAC money.
  • Consolidated his base of support.  He was the first to outspokenly defy and resist the AR-15 ban, and made headlines for it, and gathered the support of a LOT of activists. They, in turn, tend to work harder in campaigns, and most of them are working for him now.

The video also takes a fascinating look at what insiders in Olympia are calling the Democratic Game of Thrones. Apparently Inslee has aspirations of a cabinet position IF Biden wins? We're starting to hear rumors about this in Seattle media. So who would become Governor?  Find out this and more about the Superintendent of Public Instruction Race too in the video. There's some witty humor in it too.

For a link to the video, click on the button below.



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