If you are walking in Howard Amon Park in Richland, you're going to notice some construction in the park over the next few weeks.

It's good news as Howard Amon Park is getting some much-needed trail lighting improvements.

According to the City of Richland, a section of the Riverfront Trail along the Columbia River shoreline in Howard Amon Park will soon have improved lighting to increase the safety of trail and park users.

Here is what the City of Richland said describing the project on their Facebook page

Crews will begin to install overhead lighting in seven spots between Lee Boulevard and the Hampton Inn on Monday, January 11th.

During the installation, the trail will have safety measures in place to protect the crew at work and also trail users.

Please use caution in this area. The project should be complete by the end of January.

Future sections of the Riverfront Trail lighting project are in planning stages and the City of Richland will be adding even more lighting in years to come.

I've started doing a lot of walking to lose weight and I'm always surprised at how little lighting there is in places where there are a lot of walkers. I'm glad that Howard Amon Park is getting the lighting improvement.

I got myself a hat for Christmas that has a spotlight on it but now with the new lighting in Howard Amon Park, I'll be able to navigate the trail and path with no issues.

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