Kennewick police got an assist from a Kennewick husband, who not only broke up an attempted burglary on his wife's van, but detained the suspect until police arrived.

Late Sunday night, Mallory Torres looked out one of the front windows of her home, and was shocked to see a man rummaging through the passenger's side of her minivan, parked in the family's driveway.

Her husband charged outside, confronted the suspect, and was able to detain him until officers arrived. The method of detainment was revealed, but we are pretty sure he used whatever means necessary to keep 32-year-old James Tyson there until police got there.

Tyson was going through Torre's purse which she had left in the vehicle, looking for items to steal. Authorities stress people should NOT leave anything of value in their vehicles, even if they are locked, and especially overnight.

Tyson is in the Benton County jail on Vehicle Prowl and Criminal Trespass charges.

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