According to CNN, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials are stepping up raids in so-called 'sanctuary cities.'

CNN Friday reported that a senior U.S. immigration official confirmed that ICE has been conducting, or have discussed conducting, more raids in many of the 100 larger cities that identify as 'sanctuaries' for illegals. That would include Seattle.

CNN says some city officials and a Texas judge apparently believe the raids are in retaliation for adopted policies that either hinder or ignore federal immigration enforcement efforts.

According to CNN, a U.S. Magistrate Judge named Andrew Austin claims a February raid conducted in Austin, TX was in retaliation for a local sheriff who recently chose to limit her department's cooperation with ICE.

Judge Austin claims the raid came as a result of the sheriff adopting a sanctuary policy in Travis County, where Austin is located.

Sanctuary cities are largely regarded as places where policies, rules and methods of law enforcement either hinder or noticeably do not assist federal officials in the pursuit or apprehension of known illegals. Seattle even has a policy on the books that strongly suggests they will not cooperate with ICE or other immigration enforcement.

No word on if Seattle will be the subject of future raids.

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