Authorities won't narrow down the specifics of the location, but say it's in Southern Benton County.

About a week ago, a Benton County Deputy spotted what looked like marijuana plants, and a lot of them, while doing helicopter surveillance.  Periodically, law enforcement officials fly over farms and rural areas to see if they can spot concentrations of pot plants from the air.

They're fairly easy to find for those who are trained to spot them.  From the ground, especially if hidden in vegetation or in a farm field, virtually impossible.

According to our news partner KNDU-TV, over 1,000 plants have been uprooted so far. They will be sent to Spokane for further investigation. This particular grow was on a farm, but in an area not being currently tended, so it was seldom visited.  Officials said it had a natural nearby water source, which greatly helps those who are growing the pot.

Because of the extremely high number of plants officials know it's an illegal grow, and the area is not one of the officially licensed farms legally growing pot for the state pot stores.

An investigation has begun immediately to determine who planted and was growing the plants.

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