If the much-talked-about Senate Immigration Bill passes, illegal aliens can still commit crimes and become U.S. citizens -- without being punished!

The Federation for American Immigration Reform published a shocking chart showing how illegal residents and U.S. citizens would be punished for a variety of offenses. The chart, which came out several weeks ago, contains some stunning information.  

Recently-arrived aliens, or those who entered the U.S. before Dec. 31, 2011, who commit any of the following offenses up to three times would still be eligible for what is called "Registered Provisional Immigrant" status:

  • Misdemeanor assault, battery, domestic violence.
  • Social Security fraud - includes forgery, illegally altering one, or using one.
  • Document fraud to prove legal immigration status.
  • Falsely claiming citizenship on an I-9 Form.
  • Willful failure to pay taxes or file a return.
  • Deliberate attempts to evade payment of taxes

Wow! U.S. citizens and legal immigrants who commit any of these crimes face prison sentences anywhere from one year up to 15 years and fines as high as $100,000 -- depending upon the crime!

The so-called U.S. Senate "Gang of Eight" legislators are pushing this bill as immigration reform. The bill, designated S744 reportedly has bi-partisan support.

This is the controversial bill you've probably heard Beck, Rush, Hannity and especially Mark Levin talking about on Newstalk870.