Most of us use Alexa, or other similar platforms, to listen to music, get weather, maybe some have the lights and door locks programmed.

But the folks at Amazon don't want to stop there. Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, recently unveiled what's called the Amazon Experience Center. It's basically models of how a home would operate if virtually everything were controlled by that little female voice in the hockey puck.

Everything from lights, to music, TV to appliances, door locks etc. CNBC says the project is not that far away from being a reality. Amazon has partnered with home building company Lannar to create model homes that show off this technology. Even shades and blinds could be opened and closed. It's likely a matter of modern home construction ensuring the units will have the necessary digital and electrical capability to support these new systems.

Amazon has information about their home 'tours' where these units are on display for the public.

According to their information, the technology in these Amazon Home Experience centers is available now, it's just a matter of how tricked out you want to be.

Boy...remember when Amazon just sold books?



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