The Washington State Legislature has passed three more bills that deal with and clarify sexual harassment policies and more in the workplace.

The three Senate bills, which will be reconciled or 'merged' with their House versions, deal with the following areas:

1) Employers-owners will be prohibited from making a worker sign an agreement that prevents the worker from disclosing or revealing sexual harassment or assault.  In the past, workers often found that 'regular' non-disclosure agreements over sensitive information didn't protect them from divulging alleged sexual offenses.

2) A bill to develop policies to create workplace environments safe from sexual harassment.

3) A bill to remove barriers to lawsuits created by non-disclosure agreements.  

As indicated earlier, this would make it easier for workers who do have to sign such agreements about not revealing 'company secrets' to divulge information IF such harassment is taking place. In the past, some workers found claims of harassment fell under the non disclosure clauses, landing them in trouble.

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