Some might snicker, but this idea is growing in the U.S. and actually is practiced in some Asian nations.

The Huffington Post, Atlantic, and other publications have now taken up this debate. Should women who work a full-time job receive an extra day or three each month off from work for menstrual purposes?

According to sources, such time off is part of the medical package given to women in many Asian nations. But across the pond, it's become a steadily growing debate.

Writers in the Huffington say presenting it in this matter comes across as discriminatory; granting special rights to a gender of people based upon their physiology.    One writer asked - "shouldn't men get a day off for kicked in the testicles?" But for most healthy women,  the "time of the month" is inescapable.  For a guy to get kicked in the privates,  he's usually done something stupid,  illegal or offensive.

What do you think?  Should working women be given "menstrual leave?"    Upon hearing of this debate, we will say someone here joked that 'it would make mens' lives easier in the workplace.'   We're married.  We know better than to say something like that!

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