Under a proposed bill that's already cleared the State Senate, any and all guns would be confiscated from a home where a Domestic Violence crime is reported to have occurred, and would be held for five days by police.

According to GOP Legislators, the Democratic-sponsored bill is now headed to the House for approval. They say HB (house bill) 1225 would deprive victims, especially women, of the means to protect themselves in case offender returns-which often happens.

Critics say HB1225, which is their companion bill to the Senate measure, assumes removing guns will prevent any chance of the alleged suspect shooting the victim or using it to commit more violence. Bill sponsors presume the suspect or offender will return to the home or dwelling and assume they will defy protection or restraining orders.

However, GOP leaders say this is shortsighted. Instead of focusing on holding the suspect longer, and stiffer prosecution and sentences, bill sponsors think removing guns will make the victim safer.

GOP Leaders, including Senator Randi Becker, who represents a district including Lacey, Yelm, Rainier and (ironically) Olympia, say the legislation actually violates the victim's 2nd Amendment rights and removes an important method of them protecting themselves in case the offender returns to do harm--which often occurs. She is an outspoken opponent of the idea.

IF the bill passes the House it's likely to be signed into law by Gov. Inslee. To read more about this story and Becker's opposition, click on the button below.


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